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Advanced Technology

Your hearing healthcare professional at Heartland Hearing Center offers the most advanced technology available today. When it comes to your hearing health, you deserve a personal hearing and communication solution.

Custom Fit Hearing Aid Solutions

Custom Fit & Tuned Solutions

You are an individual with your own specific needs. Just like vision, if you don’t have the correct prescription, you will not succeed like you should. In fact, if you used someone else’s glasses you’d experience blurred vision – they’re not your prescription. It’s the same with someone who buys a hearing aid and the sound is still blurred or uncomfortable.

At Heartland Hearing we perform your diagnostics, together selecting the technology that is best for you, then take the time to adjust and program your specific settings. As you improve we continue to validate your level of understanding speech and teach you all the features available to you, including streaming your phone, TV, and other options to maximize your benefits and experience.

Hearing Aid Brands

Hearing Brands

Each of the Brand Manufacturers we give you access to have multiple models and are heavily involved with research and development to continually improve and bring new opportunities to the hearing health care field.

You deserve the best for your need, not what someone else is trying to sell. Because of that, we are an independent practice in Hearing Instrument Sciences and unlike many franchise offices, not dependent on a specific manufacturer or product that we must sell regardless.

What that means for you is, we are able to identify what is best for you in the best price category for the technology you need.

Royce R. LaMarr, BC-HIS


Hearing Exams

At each hearing test, we perform a visual inspection of your ear to ensure that no visible problems exist that could be affecting your hearing. We then run a series of auditory tests that include:

  • Pure Tone Air test: This test is a well-known test used to measure how well you can hear tones of different volumes and frequencies.
  • Bone Conduction: Using the Mastoid area we present frequencies to the inner ear and compare these with the Pure Tone Air test. This can tell us if there is a problem of getting the sound to the Inner Ear or if it’s a problem of the Inner Ear’s ability to send the signals to the Brain.
  • Speech test: During a speech test, you will listen to words or sentences played at different volume levels and then repeat what you hear. This reveals how well the Brain responds to the signals it receives and what level of speech understanding you have. Many times we can improve your ability to understand speech through Rehab protocols, helping you become as normal as possible.

Depending on the level of your hearing loss, We will discuss with you your results and talk about your options for treatment if you need it. As a full-service hearing center, we provide many options for hearing loss. And as a hearing instrument specialist, we can help you choose the perfect hearing instrument for your needs and budget.

Baseline Hearing Test: Even if you don’t think you have a hearing loss, it’s important to get a Baseline Hearing test. This becomes part of your medical records, and in the event of an accident, illness, or certain treatments like Intravenous Antibiotics or Chemotherapy that may cause hearing loss, you can establish your hearing level prior to the traumatic event or illness. If you have proof with your Baseline, you win; if not, the attorney wins, claiming you had a preexisting hearing loss. We perform these as a free service.

heartland hearing centers about us

About Us

Royce LaMarr has been helping patients since he was 11 years old. He got his start in his father’s pharmacy and is now the Founder and CEO of Heartland Hearing Centers.

Since 1989 Royce’s practice has served over 9000 patients in Missouri and Illinois, and Royce has personally recruited, mentored, and supervised 10 Hearing Specialists in this field who have achieved National Board Certification and are leaders in the field today.

Royce’s practice grew to over 14 offices serving the Bi-State Missouri and Illinois region and although the practice is independent, became the largest dispenser for one of the major U.S. laboratories in the state of Missouri.

Today Royce and his staff are personally involved in the day to day care of their patients and helping them successfully utilize the technology available to improve their communication skills and enjoy life, family, and friends to the best of their ability.

Additionally, Royce is the Founder of a Missouri Non-Profit Corporation, Heartland Health Events Inc. who works with Government, Corporate, Union, and Civic organizations to bring health events and fairs to their members, performing Health Screenings and teaching participants pathways and identifying those with areas of need, connecting them to local physicians and health care providers that can serve them where they live.

In addition, Royce and Gayle have been married for 52 years and have 4 grown children, 15 grandchildren, and 4 great-grandchildren. Royce’s interests outside of his hearing practice are their church, boating and golf. He has served several Civic organizations helping to better their community. They currently reside in Terre DuLac, Missouri.


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